online residential cleaning ESTIMATE

Below is a form to our online estimate. We will send your estimate via email within 24-48 hours. This link will include details of what is included in your cleaning, and the cost. From there, we will make any changes needed, and book your appointment.

Deep cleaning

We provide deep cleanings for any residential space! We especially recommend deep cleanings for all first-time cleanings because we touch all surfaces top to bottom. These deep house cleanings also allow for a easier maintenance. We recommend this type of cleaning every 6-12 months. We are very flexible with your needs and are willing to work around your schedule to get the job done. Each cleaning will include a checklist of what is included to assure clear communication.

Recurring cleaning

Our recurring maid services are based on the needs of your home. We can include your entire home, to just cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens. Either way, we are very flexible with your needs and schedule.  

Post-construction cleaning

Our post construction house cleanings vary based on level of construction cleaning needed. We do recommend sending photos and video for a more accurate quote. We provide multiple cleanings per project, as well as one time construction cleanings.


Whether it is a holiday event, birthday party, move-in/ move-out cleaning, or something else, we can service your needs. Contact us today for more information.