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Post-construction  cleaning services

Initial/one time construction cleaning

The initial and one time construction cleanings take place either during or just after the construction work wraps up. This cleaning phase mainly includes properly disposing of debris, leftover construction materials, and other large pieces. It will also include removing stickers and labels from doors, windows, etc. For one time construction cleanings, this also involves thoroughly wiping the entire place including walls, all surfaces, floors, and glass areas. We can include inside and outside of appliances and furniture as well.

Mid Post construction cleaning

This phase is usually used between major construction done while the project is still ongoing.

The mid construction cleaning phase includes thoroughly removing all dust and debris from all spaces including restrooms, kitchens, offices, bedrooms and all additional spaces.

Final Post construction cleaning

The last phase of our construction cleaning is the final clean, which is usually opening day or the final day of construction. Any dust or dirt that has settled will be wiped down.  This includes windows, products, shelving, floors and more

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