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New Wave Cleaning


New Wave Cleaning is owned and operated by two Temple graduates who take pride in building this company from the ground up. We do everything in house from our policies to our employees meaning that we are not a franchise  and do not subcontract. Above all else, we are proud of our customer service. We put customer satisfaction as our top priority because we know the value of a happy customer. We want our clients to walk away fully satisfied in every aspect of our relationship, not just the cleaning.

Our goal is to make cleaning one less thing on your to do list. We want the booking, scheduling and cleaning of your place to be as seamless as possible. From our free online estimates, to our thorough training courses provided to our team, everything we do is to make sure you are happy!

New Wave Cleaning offers the best cleaning maintenance because we are consistent with our janitorial and house cleaning services. We aim to provide high-quality cleaning services across the state and establish ourselves as your go-to cleaning company.

New Wave Cleaning focuses on three cleaning types:

We conduct one time and recurring janitorial cleaning services for your office cleaning needs. Every commercial space requires different janitorial services, especially those businesses that have a lot of foot traffic; So we customize each cleaning checklist based on your specific needs. We recommend all first cleanings be a deep cleaning for any commercial space. Our deep commercial cleaning process makes any company’s space easier to maintain for any recurring cleaning services you may need.

Our house cleaning services are a great way to maintain the cleanliness of your home between your day to day lives. We can provide deep cleanings, recurring cleanings, move-in/move-out cleanings, and more. Each cleaning is done thoroughly and as detailed as you request. We highly recommend that every first time cleaning is a deep house cleaning because it makes the maintenance of your home a lot easier. Click here to learn more.

Our Post construction cleaning services are for both houses and office spaces. Our process for removing dust has proved to be successful because we completely remove the dust and debris assuring the dust does not return. 

​​Why choose us

  • Certified Professionals: New Wave Cleaning employs only the best professionals in the cleaning industry. Whether you need office cleanings or house cleaning services, our seasoned experts waste no time in getting your space as spotless as possible.

  • Available Nights & Weekends: Our janitorial cleaning services are available any time of the week. We are ready to serve any residential or commercial space in Montgomery County, PA regardless of the time of day. We understand how certain events may call for expert cleaning services, so our company is here for you.

  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning: As experts in the cleaning industry, we observe environmentally friendly practices when executing our office and house cleaning services.

  • No Hourly Rate: Our house and office cleaning services are by appointment. We are available to clean any space at any time around the clock. Call us today to get an estimated price on the space that needs cleaning, and we will craft a fair price depending on the work required.

  • & More: We, at New Wave Cleaning, are swift cleaners. We assure clients will experience a quick yet thorough cleaning experience. Although our cleaning projects vary, we rarely take longer than six hours to completely clean any space.

Get your residential or commercial estimate!

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