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How to remove soap scum & water stains

We all know how annoying it can be to not see out of your shower doors because of soap scum buildup.

Soap scum is also known as lime soap and is a thick white film that can be found on the glass, walls, and bases of your showers and other areas.

As a cleaning service, we realized that different surfaces hold soap scum and watermarks differently which can make cleaning more difficult. Luckily, we have developed a simple method that eliminates multiple products, and requires minimal scrubbing.

The method that we highly recommend is using an S.O.S pad and water to really get your shower and tub clean of all soap scum and watermarks with minimal effort.

The S.O.S pad includes both soap and steel wool, which loosens dirt while scrubbing through the layers. The S.O.S pad cuts through the scum and removes all water marks and residue that could not be removed from just wiping it.


  1. Wet the entire area that you plan on wiping down.

  2. Wet the S.O.S pad with water

  3. Scrub the entire area from top to bottom

  4. continue to wet the S.O.S as needed for better results

  5. Rinse the shower/tub from top to bottom with high water pressure

  6. Dry wipe the shower to remove any additional soap from the S.O.S

  7. Clean the glass areas with glass cleaner for a better result.

The S.O.S pad will be sure to remove not only the watermarks, but the dirt lines and mold that may have built up overtime.

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