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how to remove stains from your Stove top & Oven

Trying to avoid making a mess while cooking is almost impossible. Whether the food sizzles over and leaves stains, or the build up overtime has left a mess that will not go away no matter what chemicals you use; our cleaning team has developed is sure to have your stove looking as good as new.

These recommendations are for manual cleaning and only require 2 products. The first product we recommend, is our handy dandy S.O.S pad. Start by wetting the areas you are cleaning, then, scrub the entire area with the wet S.O.S pad. The S.O.S includes soap and steal wool to get through a lot of the dirt that wouldn't come up before.

Before wiping the Residue from the S.O.S pad, use a steal wool scrubber to scrub through any areas that still need attention. Add dish soap and water as needed for an easier scrub. The Steal wool is sure to cut through any additional grease and stains left behind.

Use a wet rag to remove all soap, dirt and debris. You can use stainless steal for the stove-tops for a shiny finish.


  1. Wet the entire stove top/ oven that you plan on cleaning.

  2. Wet the S.O.S pad with water

  3. Scrub the entire area from top to bottom using pressure

  4. continue to wet the S.O.S as needed for better results

  5. Use a steel wool scrubber to scrub the areas that need more attention. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SCRATCH SURFACES

  6. Rinse the stove top/ inside oven from top to bottom with a rag and water

  7. Dry wipe the stove top/ oven to remove any additional soap, crumbs and residue

  8. Clean the Stove-top oven with stainless steal cleaner for a better a shining finish.

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