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Commercial Cleaning Services in King Of prussia, PA

Are You Looking For Cleaning Services For Your Business in King of Prussia, PA?


New Wave Cleaning Service has you covered! Whether it's for office cleaning or maid cleaning services, you can depend on us.

As an experienced office cleaning company, we understand the importance of having a clean workplace for our clients. As a result, our goal is to provide businesses with the best, high-quality commercial cleaning services.

Providing High-Quality Office Cleaning Services in King of Prussia, PA

New Wave Cleaning is your all-in-one provider for the best and most affordable janitorial and residential cleanings in King of Prussia, PA. We also go above and beyond in customer service by delivering the best customer service to make sure that you are delighted.

  • Deep cleaning: Any commercial building or residential home can benefit from our deep cleaning services! Deep cleanings are highly recommended if this is your first time since we cover all surfaces from top to bottom. These deep commercial cleanings also make upkeep a lot easier. Deep cleaning is also recommended every six to 12 months. We are very accommodating to your requirements and will work within your schedule to accomplish the task. Each project will come with a checklist of what is covered to ensure clear communication.

  • Recurring cleaning: Our recurring office cleaning service in Lansdale, PA, and the rest of our service area are tailored to your specific needs. We can clean everything from your entire workspace to just the toilets and trash cans. In any case, we are very adaptable to your needs and timetable to complete the project. We can also work with you on the number of recurring cleanings you require each month.

office cleaning blue bell pa
  • Post-construction cleaning: Our post-construction cleaning services differ depending on the scope of work performed. For a more reliable estimate, walkthroughs are recommended. We offer multiple cleanings as well as one-time construction cleanings for each project.

  • Other: It's possible that some of you already have a cleaning crew on your team. As a result, we're also here to keep the communal areas clean for everyone. These spaces vary by location, but they are more prevalent in offices with toilets, pantries, lobbies, doorknobs, and other amenities. We also offer sanitation cleaning, among other services!


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Why Hire New Wave Cleaning?

We offer a variety of commercial janitorial cleaning services in Blue Bell, PA to meet your specific requirements! Every member of our crew is qualified and skilled, and we deploy the same technicians to your house every time, ensuring a consistent and accurate cleaning service.

1. Dedicated Staff

What sets us apart from the competition when it comes to commercial cleaning? First, we don't worry if your sanitizing demands are complicated, unlike many other commercial cleaning companies. New Wave Cleaning has a staff of highly trained cleaners who specialize in sanitizing and eliminating stains, grime, dirt, and scratches. In addition, we have a dedicated cleaning crew that can take care of any cleaning job in Blue Bell, PA.

Our janitorial cleaning services and personnel are well-versed in your office cleaning needs, such as the solutions used for sanitizing digital equipment like computer screens and office PCs.

2. Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

According to the United States Poison Control Centers, cleaning products were responsible for around 10% of all toxic exposures reported to them. In addition, many conventional cleaning products include harmful substances that can be emitted into the air when used. At New Wave Cleaning, we believe that providing excellent service should not be at the cost of your wellbeing. As such, we employ environmentally sustainable sanitizing techniques and green cleaning solutions to help maintain your company or commercial property looking fantastic while also keeping the planet healthy.

janitorial cleaning services blue bell pa

3. Available Nights & Weekends

Our experts operate around the clock, and scheduling is accessible even on nights and weekends to ensure little disturbance to your Blue Bell, PA business. Before the start of the workday, our cleaning services can make your office sparkle.

New Wave Cleaning's staff members can be incredibly effective and productive when there are no employees or clients in the way. For example, an unoccupied office space, retail store, or other sorts of business allows our staff to do a comprehensive cleaning in a short time.

4. No Hourly Rates

We don't charge an hourly rate. Instead, depending on the frequency of cleaning, we bill per square foot. However, we charge a one-time cleaning cost, which is usually more expensive than a recurring cleaning.

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