Commercial cleaning

Small Office

Deep cleaning

We provide deep cleanings for any commercial space! We especially recommend deep cleanings for all first-time cleanings because we touch all surfaces top to bottom. These deep commercial cleanings also allow for a easier maintenance as well. We also reccomend a deep cleaning every 6 months to a year. We are very flexible with your needs and are willing to work around your schedule to get the job done. Each cleaning will include a checklist of what is included to assure clear communication

Recurring cleaning

Our recurring janitorial services are based on the needs of your space. We can include cleaning your entire space to just cleaning the restrooms and trash. Either way, we are very flexible with your needs and schedule to get the job done.  We are also flexible with the amount of recurring you need per month.

Post-construction cleaning

Our post construction cleanings vary based on the scope of work provided. We do recommend walkthroughs for a more accurate quote. We provide multiple cleanings per project, as well as one time construction cleanings.


Some of you may already have a cleaning service on your team, so we are also here to maintain the common areas shared amongst everyone. These areas vary depending on the location, but are more common amongst offices with restrooms, kitchenette area, lobbies, doorknobs, and more. We also provide sanitation cleanings, and more!