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Commercial Cleaning Services in Philadelphia

Professional Office Cleaning Services in Philly


The sanitation of your office can easily affect the productivity of your employees. Without proper sanitation, employees may eventually get sick and miss days of work. This can have adverse effects on your business’ daily operations and its ability to achieve goals.

Philadelphia is home to thousands of local and international businesses that may be your competitors, which is why you should invest in commercial cleaning services to protect your employees. You don’t want other companies beating you in the market simply because you’ve neglected office cleaning, right?

Our professional team at New Wave Cleaning can provide high-quality commercial cleaning services to ensure that your office in Philadelphia remains clean and conducive to work. Our team is professionally trained to perform different types of office cleaning services — so work with us today!

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Company in Philadelphia That Provides Excellent Results


You can find several cleaning companies around Philadelphia, but our services are different for many reasons. We are one of the best names in Philly because we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

By opting to use our office cleaning service, not only are you helping protect the environment from harmful chemicals, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your office will be an allergy-free and skin-friendly environment. Our natural cleaning products also smell great, which can make your commercial space smell good and relaxing all the time.

The benefits of hiring an environmentally friendly cleaning company in Philadelphia don’t stop there. Our sanitizing practices only use eco-friendly products that can improve the air quality of your commercial space, reducing the presence of germs and bacteria indoors.

Our eco-friendly products and janitorial practices are gentle for the environment yet effective in cleaning any surfaces. We have been sanitizing countless commercial spaces throughout Philadelphia, and we’re ready to provide the same high-quality service to you!

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We’re Different From Other Cleaning Companies in Philadelphia


Many cleaning companies operate in Philadelphia, but our service is second to none. Aside from our use of eco-friendly cleaning products and practices, our cleaners are professionally trained and certified to provide high-quality janitorial services. On top of general cleaning procedures, our team can also expertly clean hard-to-reach areas and delicate materials, like glass windows and doors, for a full deep clean but.

We understand how fast-paced the business industry is, which is why we’ve made our janitorial services available during weekends and evenings, too. Simply reach us through any of our contact details and we’ll be right at your office, ready to make your commercial space sparkle!

We at New Wave Cleaning also make it easier for clients like you to afford our services. We provide a free walk-in estimate, so you can determine the cost of our services in advance. We assure you — our janitorial services in Philadelphia are the best in the city, but you don’t have to break the bank just to afford it.

Why Hire New Wave Cleaning?


  • Certified Professional Cleaners

  • No Hourly Rates

  • Flexible Hours

  • & More

Contact us through phone or email today and we’ll be happy to walk you through our commercial cleaning services. Once you’ve picked a service from us, we can determine a cleaning schedule that works for you, and our team will get down to business pronto!

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Work With the Best Cleaning Company in Philadelphia


Your efforts to start a business will be useless if other companies are cleaner, more inviting, and more productive than yours. How can you attract customers and retain your employees if your office has poor sanitation?

To keep your office in the best condition, hire the best cleaning company in Philly today. You can contact us at 484-808-4610 or send us an email through Our sanitizing practices can effectively clean your office, helping your business thrive in Philly!  

We also offer office cleaning in Norristown, PA, and office cleaning In Delaware County, PA. In need of these services? Contact us today to learn more.

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